Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS)

What is TIPPS?
The Tax Installment Payment Plan Service is a plan which allows property owners to pay their property tax bill through direct deposit from their financial institution. TIPPS is a monthly tax installment payment plan by which taxpayers can make twelve consecutive monthly payments for taxes rather than a single annual payment. To take advantage of TIPPS you have to have a chequing account at a credit union, bank or trust company. This program allows us to withdraw monthly deductions from your financial institution to pay for your property taxes.
How does TIPPS Work?
A monthly payment is calculated by dividing your most recent tax statement by the number of installment payment (maximum 12, minimum 3) rounded up to the nearest dollar. TIPPS will begin October 1 of each year and continue each consecutive month until the account is paid in full on the tax due date at the end of September. All outstanding amounts must be cleared before you participate in the TIPPS program and prior year arrears are not eligible under the TIPPS program. Application forms may be obtained from the Municipal Office.
  • The property owner’s name and address which appears on the enclosed bill is in accordance with the latest information which has been made available to the municipality. If, however, any ownership change has since occurred, please forward the enclosed bill to the current owner or return it immediately to the municipal office with an explanation. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse an owner from responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve that owner from liability for any late payment penalty.
How do I apply for TIPPS?
Brochures and application forms are available at the Municipal Office, or below.
TIPPS Information Brochure
TIPPS Application Form