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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers of staff at the Rural Municipality of West St. Paul Municipal Office.
When are taxes due?
Current taxes are payable, at par, on or before the last working day in September by 4:30pm.
When are tax penalties charged?
Penalties of 1.25% will be added on the first day of every month that you are in arrears.
What if I want to make an early payment for taxes?
Any tax payments that are paid prior to receipt of the tax bill will be credited towards the tax account.
Do you accept post dated cheques?
Yes we accept post dated cheques.
I paid my taxes online at the end of September. I just received my paid receipt and it shows that there is a balance owing. Why?
Payment was likely received after the due date. Payment must be received by 4:30pm on the last business day in September to prevent late payment charges.  Residents who choose to make online payments must allow sufficient time for the payment to be processed by their financial institution - generally, this is 4-5 business days.  See our Online Payments Policy here.
I sent in a payment for the amount that was stated on my tax bill but yet I received a receipt showing there are still taxes owing? Why?
If there were arrears owing on the tax statement, then the tax amount due would change each month because of the monthly penalty charge.
What if I do not receive my tax statement?
Tax statements are usually mailed out in June of each year.  Please notify the Municipal Office if you have not received a tax statement bill as you are still responsible for paying your taxes.
How are my taxes calculated?
Taxes are calculated by multiplying the mill rate and your portioned assessment see the formula below:
Your Portioned assessment / 1000 x mill rate = tax amount
How much does it cost for a tax certificate?
The cost for a tax certificate is $40.

What is TIPPS?
The Tax Installment Payment Plan Service is a payment plan which allows tax payers to make up to twelve monthly payments for taxes.
Click here to learn more about the TIPPS program.

Can I appeal my assessment?
You can appeal the assessed value of your property through the Board of Revision held every fall. If you feel your assessment is unfair, please discuss it with the Provincial Assessment Branch located at 103 - 235 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba or phone 204-785-5092 or 1-866-262-9786.
What is the utility bill schedule?
January 1 – March 31(Billed First week of April, Due Last working day in April)
April 1 – June 30(Billed First week of July, Due Last working day in July)
July 1 – September 30(Billed First week of October, Due Last working day in October)
October 1 – December 31
(Billed First week of January, Due Last working day in January)

What if I am late?
Penalties of 1.25% will be added on the first day of every month that you are in arrears.
What happens, if I don't pay my utility bill?
All outstanding utility balances are transferred to the tax account as at December 31st of each year.

I am moving. What do I do?
Please contact the public works department at 204-338-0306 ext. 1 to advise the very last day that you are in the house to schedule an inspection of the meter and for a final bill to be sent to you.
What is PUPPS?
The Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan Service (PUPPS) is a payment plan which allows utility rate payers to pay their quarterly utility bills through direct deposit from their financial institution.
Click here to learn more about the PUPPS program.
Online Payments
How can I pay online?
Each financial institution has two separate accounts one for TAXES and one for UTILITIES.  A customer can set up bill payments through the following institutions:



CIBC – West St. Paul (Rural Mun) Tax

CIBC – West St. Paul (RM) Utility

Scotia Bank – RM of West St Paul Taxes

Scotia Bank – Rural Municipality of West St Paul  – Utilities

RBC – R.M. of West St-Paul-Taxes

RBC – RM of West St. Paul Utilities (no zeros in front of Acct #)

BMO – West St Paul Municipality

BMO – RM of West St Paul Utilities

TD Canada Trust – West St. Paul (RM OF) Taxes

TD Canada Trust – West St. Paul (RM of) Utilities (Account # format 0012340010)

Telpay – West St Paul (RM) Taxes

Telpay – West St Paul (RM) UTIL

Please allow 4-5 business days for this payment to be processed by both your financial institution and ours.
I want to put an access/driveway on to my property, what do I need to do?
An approach permit must be obtained from the RM Office. The culvert must be purchased by the homeowner/builder and also installed by same, but before the culvert is back filled, the homeowner/builder must contact the RM Office so that our Public Works Manager can go out and verify that the culvert is at the correct elevation and placement. Once it has been inspected, the homeowner/builder will be advised that everything is ok and that the culvert can be back filled.

Decorative Additions to approaches are not permitted unless permission is obtained under Section 8.02 of the Private Approach By-Law 2012.02. 

That any alteration or maintenance of a Decorative Addition permitted by section 8.01 are strictly the responsibility of the Owner, and the Municipality will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to any such alternation or Decorative Addition, whether such damage is caused by the Municipality’s grader or any other cause.

Where do I find out information on zoning and building permits?
Red River Planning District
2978 Birds Hill Road, East St. Paul, MB 
Phone: 1- 800-876-5831  
Pam Elias
Director of Planning & Economic Development
3550 Main St., West St. Paul, MB, R1A 2C9
Phone: 204-338-0306
Dog License
Why do I need a dog license?
The municipality has a dog control By-Law 2019-08 regarding restraining and regulating the running at large of dogs and dangerous dogs and to provide for impounding, fines and destroying of dogs and dangerous dogs. As a requirement of the By-Law, any dog over the age of six (6) months shall obtain a license for each such dog annually. The licensing year is from January to December.  Dog licenses expire on the 31st day of December. No owner shall keep more than two dogs at the same time unless the owner has been given permission by written approval from the Chief Administrative Officer. The decision by the Chief Administrative Officer shall be final and not subject to appeal.

What do I need to receive a dog license?
All dogs require a valid rabies vaccination certificate from a qualified veterinarian. All female spayed or male neutered dogs require a certificate.
How much does it cost?
Any breed not neutered or spayed $20.00
Any breed neutered or spayed $ 10.00
Dangerous Dog $150.00
What happens if my dog runs away?
Contact Animal Control at 204-223-5521 and they can advise you whether your dog has been impounded by the number on the dog license.

Lottery License
Why do I need a lottery license?
The municipality has the authority to license charitable organizations and religious organizations located within West St. Paul to conduct and manage a raffle lottery where the total prizes do not exceed $3,000.00. For any raffle lottery where the total prizes exceed $3,000.00, application must be made to:
Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba
1055 Milt Stegall Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0Z6
Phone: 204-927-5300
Fax: 204-927-5385
Toll Free: 1-800-782-0363          
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday-8:30am to 4:30pm  
Where can I hunt?
No hunting is permitted in the RM of West St. Paul.


Who do I contact with questions about my mailbox or to replace my mail box key?

Please contact Canada Post for any questions you have regarding your mail service.  You can reach Canada Post at 1-800-267-1277 or 1-866-607-6301.