West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer

West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer
The West St. Paul Soccer program is responsible for promoting and organizing the sport of soccer in West St. Paul for children 9 years old and older.  As a West St. Paul resident, your child can play recreation, premier development or premier soccer to the age of 17 and at 18 can play an additional year in the youth system or play adult soccer.  The soccer program is administered world wide by FIFA (see Soccer Hierarchy for complete details of the structure of soccer).
Soccer Hierarchy
World Governing Body
Regional Governing body (6 in the World)
National Governing Body
Provincial Governing Body
City Youth Soccer League 
District Club (5 in the City)
West St. Paul Soccer
Community Club

Currently, FCNW and WSP (West St. Paul) are in discussions with WYSA and the MSA as to what District WSP belongs to.  Historically over the last 30 years we have been part of FCNW (formerly NWYSA).  In the last year, the MSA has informed us that we are now part of Tri-S (the Soccer District for the Interlake).  Currently if WSP players want to play for FCNW, they must obtain a inter-region transfer from the MSA.  To date this hasn’t been an issue as none have been denied.  The MSA has been unable to provide us with the criteria as to when they approve or deny transfers.  

Currently your children have the following options for soccer in West St. Paul:

 Recreation  Premier Development  Premier  Adult
U9-U12  Yes  Yes  No  No
U13-U17  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
U18  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Over 18yrs  No  No  No  Yes

For Recreation Soccer, the program is administered out of West St. Paul lead by two volunteer soccer conveners (U9-U12 and U13+).  The program is assisted by the Recreational Director of West St. Paul and works in conjunction with the WSP Recreation Committee.  Coach’s for the teams are selected from volunteers (mostly parents) and depending on the number of children registered and volunteers, the team is either hosted at WSP or another community club within the FCNW boundaries (Northwest part of the city). 
Click HERE to view the West St. Paul Soccer Coach’s Notes for the 2019 Outdoor Season
There are two Soccer Seasons - Indoor and Outdoor.  More information below:

  Indoor  Outdoor 
 Age Registration  Season  Registration   Season
U9-U12  August/September  October-March  February/March May-June 
U13-U18  August/September  October-March February/March  May-October (break in July/August) 
Adult  Contact Club  October-March  Contact Club  May-October

For information on the Premier Development and Premier program, contact Tri-S or FCNW

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