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Wastewater Project

New wastewater infrastructure is an important part of the RM’s commitment to protecting the health of our residents and our water supply, both for today’s West St. Paul families and for future generations.

West St. Paul is the fastest growing municipality in the Capital Region, and the new wastewater project is essential to the future health and prosperity our RM. The new trunk sewer line will connect West St. Paul to the City of Winnipeg’s wastewater treatment system and will be able to service every existing household and business in the RM, with significant capacity for future growth. Future phases of the project will be dependent on securing Federal and Provincial funding. West St. Paul Council and Administration will be filing grant applications during all intake periods.
This wastewater project will deliver both immediate and future benefits to West St. Paul. Once the project is complete, homes in our community will be worth more. Land values will go up, while health and environmental impacts will go down.
The new system will raise property values in the short term, while the municipality’s growing population will ensure a larger tax base in the future. This will allow the RM to put more money back into the community with investments in recreational infrastructure and neighbourhood improvements. The new sewer will permanently address health issues that have long been a cause of concern for West St. Paul families, such as surface waters contaminated with bacteria, including those near the school. Our commitment to the community is clear: this project will ensure West St. Paul families have safe, sustainable and permanent wastewater treatment that exceeds provincial standards.
The wastewater project continues to proceed on schedule and on budget. Installation of the Main Street trunk sewer began in late May 2014 and is fully operational in 2016. Construction was completed for the current phase from City of Winnipeg limits to the north perimeter as well as the perimeter north on Main Street to River Springs Drive.
This website is intended to give West St. Paul homeowners access to clear, easy-to-find information about the new wastewater project. Answers to commonly asked questions can be found on the FAQ page. New information will be shared here as it becomes available, or you can sign up to receive updates in your inbox. If you still have questions after reviewing the information, please be in touch. Our staff will be happy to connect you with the information you need.
Your RM is listening. We take your feedback and questions about this project seriously, and we genuinely appreciate your interest and support for an initiative that will benefit all West St. Paul families, both today and tomorrow.  As of June 30, 2016, Council has responded to almost 1,500 inquiries regarding the wastewater project.
Find more information about the West St. Paul wastewater project in the project overview.