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Handi-Van Services

The Rural Municipality of West St. Paul is pleased to announce that the Municipality has been approved to receive a grant under the Province of Manitoba’s Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program (MDTP) and has established a Handi-Van Service in co-operation with Wheelchair Service of Manitoba.

This program will provide transportation for people who cannot use other modes of transport because of mobility impairment or are legally blind.

It is a shared ride, door-to-door service that operates within the same service area as the fixed route system.  Drivers physically assist passengers from the ground floor doorway, to and from the vehicle, to the ground floor doorway at the destination.

Under the guidelines of the Program, users will be individuals with mobility disadvantages of which can be permanent or temporary, and seniors over the age of 65 years.

Each user will be required to complete an application form which will be available at the Municipal Office or you can download it here
The Handi-Van committee will review the application to ensure the applicant meets the pre-established user criteria.  When accepted the user will be provided a "user card”. Each user will be provided a user number, which will be recorded into the Wheelchair Service of Manitoba’s database.

User Limits
Currently, there is a limit of two round trips per week.  Wheelchair Services of Manitoba will monitor this as each time a rider uses the system the appointment and user number is entered into the database.

Priority of Use*
Rider priority will be as follows:
  1. Medical Appointments
  2. Shopping
  3. Visiting
  4. Recreation Wellness / Entertainment (Attending movies etc.)

*all Handi-Van bookings are subject to Handi-Van availability

Hours of Operation
The hours of operation for this Handi-Van Service will be from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Monday to Friday and pre-booking is required with 24 hour notice.

Service Area
The service areas are defined on the map (see over).  Presently a user has to originate in West St. Paul and be transported to the City of Winnipeg.

Area 1  Northern part of the City of Winnipeg and includes attending appointments within the downtown area; generally the cut off would be Broadway Avenue

Area 2  The area south of Broadway Avenue

 Share Breakdown  Area "1" Per ride one way  Area "2" Per ride one way
 User (Rider) 25%  $6.75  $8.75
 Municipality 37.5%  $10.13  $13.13
 MDTP (Grant) 37.5%  $10.12  $13.12


In August 2017, GoManitoba was launched by the Green Action Centre in partnership with members of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.  GoManitoba is the first province-wide ridesharing platform that helps connect individuals access the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.  Through the program, people from all Metropolitan Region communities are provided a way to organize carpools, learn about transit, and match bike and walk mentors.  With more options to connect, people can find alternative ways for travelling to work, school, appointments, shopping centres and recreation facilities.  Since being launched, GoManitoba has seen a growing interest around the Province with many users coming from areas within the Metropolitan Region.