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Planning & Development

The RM of West St. Paul is part of the Red River Planning District whose office provides planning and building development services to West St. Paul and other member Municipalities. This includes the adoption, administration, and enforcement of the development plan, secondary plans and zoning by-law. All land use planning and building permit matters are provided to the Municipality by the Red River Planning District. All current Public Hearing Notices are posted at the Municipal office located at 3550 Main Street.
Development in the Municipality is guided and regulated by the following documents:
Red River Planning District Development Plan
The Development Plan is the Planning District’s vision for future development and provides general policies that guide development in the district as a whole.

West St. Paul Secondary Plans
The West St. Paul Secondary Plans offer more detailed land use and infrastructure policies that apply to specific areas in the Municipality.
Rural Municipality of West St. Paul Zoning By-Law
The zoning by-law regulates the use and placement of structures, size of lots, and all other necessary requirements for development in each zone.
For more information regarding planning and development in the Municipality, please contact:
Red River Planning District Main Office:
2978 Birds Hill Road
East St. Paul, R2E 1J5 
Phone: 204-669-8880
General Inquiries:
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 4:15pm
Closed ALL Statutory Holidays
Inspections: 204-669-8980 or
Please visit their website for additional information.

An approach permit must be obtained from the RM Office. The culvert must be purchased by the homeowner/builder and also installed by same, but before the culvert is back filled, the homeowner/builder must contact the RM Office so that our Public Works Manager can go out and verify that the culvert is at the correct elevation and placement. Once it has been inspected, the homeowner/builder will be advised that everything is ok and that the culvert can be back filled.

Decorative Additions to approaches are not permitted unless permission is obtained under Section 8.02 of the Private Approach By-Law 2012.02. 

That any alteration or maintenance of a Decorative Addition permitted by section 8.01 are strictly the responsibility of the Owner, and the Municipality will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to any such alternation or Decorative Addition, whether such damage is caused by the Municipality’s grader or any other cause.

Red River Planning District
2978 Birds Hill Road, East St. Paul, MB 
Phone: 1- 800-876-5831  
Pam Elias
Director of Planning & Economic Development
3550 Main St., West St. Paul, MB, R1A 2C9
Phone: 204-338-0306