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Project Partners

Get to know our team - key personnel and partners 
Dave RomanowDave Romanow, Acting Director of Infrastructure for West St. Paul:

Dave Romanow brings a deep knowledge of sewer and water infrastructure to the project. He has 46 years of senior executive and high-level management experience in consulting, construction and designing/building in the water and waste infrastructure industry. Throughout his long career Dave has been involved in the construction of water and wastewater systems throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, as well as in California and Mexico.
Manitoba Water Services Board:
The Manitoba Water Services Board is a provincial agency that assists municipalities with the development of sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure. The Board provides project management for major infrastructure improvements and conducts feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments for developing inter-municipal or regional infrastructure services.

Stantec Consulting Ltd., Engineering Consultant:

Stantec has been involved in the planning of the wastewater project since 2008 and is currently providing contract administration services for the trunk sewer construction. As an international company working in over 230 locations, and with more than 50 professional staff with expertise in wastewater collection and treatment in their local office, Stantec brings an international perspective and local experience to the West St. Paul wastewater project.
Tri-Core Projects Manitoba Limited:
Tri-Core Projects has many years of diversified experience in the construction industry. The company has completed a number of civil projects in the City of Winnipeg and rural and northern Manitoba, including water treatment plants, watermain and sewer installations, service connections and large-diameter pipe installations. Tri-Core is the contractor for the trunk sewer construction on Main Street from Fernbank Avenue to Balderstone Road.

Darco Enterprises Limited:
Darco Enterprises Ltd. has over 25 years of experience in sewer, water, and roadway construction. The company has successfully tackled projects of all sizes, including water main and combined sewer renewals. Darco is supplying and installing the trunk sewer line along Main Street from Balderstone Road to River Springs Drive.
Neptune Technology Group:
Neptune Technology Group has installed more than 25 million water meters and provides utility management systems, service and support to help utility providers manage resources more efficiently and more effectively serve their customers.  Neptune will be installing meters in West St. Paul.