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Sewer Service Licenced Contractors

What type of contractor should I call about having the sewer service installed on my side of the property line?

Many licensed contractors who advertise sewer services will be qualified to install the sewer service needed to connect your home to the new sewer system and would be required to obtain a sewer permit from the municipality. There have been some changes to our Sewer and Water licence. There are now two types of licences; Class A Licence for Main Trunk Sewer Line Connection or Class B Licence for Lateral Sewer Line Connections. Currently the following contractors are registered with the Municipality:


Class A Licenses:

 Rocky Road Recycling Ltd.  204-832-4757                                                                 
 Buus Construction      204-482-5031
 Class B License: 
 Cambrian Excavators Ltd.  204-233-8033                                                                         
 Frick Construction Ltd.   204-668-5161
 Double A Construction Ltd.  204-256-9404
 Cox Construction Ltd.   204-224-2092
 Friesen Hauling & Excavating  204-326-9634
 Rocky Road Recycling Ltd.   204-832-4757
 Buus Construction  204-482-5031
 J.R. Sewer and Water   204-880-5326
The municipality makes no other representation or warranty with respect to contractors that are licensed, and is not responsible for the contractor's work/services and/or conduct and/or omissions. Any contract you enter into with a contractor for such services is a private matter between you and the contractor.

Again, you can employ a contractor not currently listed, provided the contractor obtains a licence from the Municipality prior to commencing work.  Please note, this list is subject to change.  For the most up to date information, please visit the RM website or contact the municipal office by phone.


*Subject to change