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Cost for West St. Paul Families

The RM has made a concerted effort to negotiate fees, source and purchase equipment in bulk and secure preferred financing rates to keep costs down for property owners connecting to the sewer. The following costs apply only to those property owners connecting to the system:

1. Costs levied by the RM 

Homeowners who are connecting to the new sewer will incur costs to fund the installation of the lateral sewers that will connect individual properties to the Main Street trunk line. Fees to cover this cost will be levied by the RM under a Local Improvement District (LID). Specific cost will vary depending on the number of properties and unique infrastructure requirements of each LID. You will be notified individually, in writing, when your area is in the catchment area.

What are my options for payment? 

You may choose to make a single payment by financing this cost through your own cash reserves, mortgage or arrangements with a financial institution. 

You can also choose to pay the cost of the connection fee via annual installments on your property tax bill.
The time period for this option (eg. over 20 years) will be specified in your LID by-law.

Cost is dependent on the infrastructure required for the proposed LID and the method used for calculation of levies as approved by the residents.

2. Basis for calculating taxes

Section 316(1) of the Municipal Act provides that Local improvement taxes or special services taxes must be calculated on the basis of one or more of the following: 
(a) the portioned value of assessable property that is real property; 
(b) the annual rental value of premises as assessed for the purpose of a business tax; 
(c) an amount for each unit of area of the lands benefited by the improvement or service; 
(d) an amount for each unit of frontage of the lands benefited by the improvement or service; 
(e) an amount for each business;
(f) an amount for each parcel of land. 

3. Costs levied by the City of Winnipeg 

Buy-In Charge - $3,200 (2024 rate)

Each new and existing property will pay a buy-in charge upon connection to the wastewater system. These charges are based on the size of the water meter. For typical residential properties (5/8-inch water meter) the one-time buy-in charge for existing residences will be $3,200. For each newly developed lot connecting to the system, the City of Winnipeg will apply an up-front charge of $3,760 (2024 rate) per dwelling, in addition to the one-time by-in charge. This fee applies only to new development, not existing homes.

4. City of Winnipeg Participation Fee - $294.00 (2023 rate)

For each new and existing residential property, the annual participation fee will be $294.00 (2023 Rate). 

Subject to adjustment for inflation at time of connection.

5. Cost for installation on the homeowner’s side of the property line

Work on your property must be performed by a licensed contractor, and costs must be paid directly by the homeowners. The work required to connect your home to the sewer system will depend on your current system. 

Residents currently on a sewage treatment plant system: If you are currently connected to one of the Riverdale, Lister Rapids, Rivercrest or River Springs treatment plants, your property is already connection-ready. A meter installation is required.

Residents with septic or holding tanks: If you currently have a septic or holding tank, some work will be required to ready your system for connection. Typical costs for this work ranges from approximately $6,000 - $10,000, depending on the setback of the home, the extent of paved surface on site, and the location of trees and fences. A meter installation is required.
If residents choose to work together and approach a contractor for a group rate, there may be some potential to reduce this cost further. The RM is also examining options to pre-approve appropriate contractors, or to solicit contractors to provide the service as a whole for different Local Improvement Districts to guarantee a competitive price for the area.

 6. Meter fee and utility charge 

One-time meter fee - $504.51 + Installation

A one-time fee of $504.51 + installation for the supply and installation of the meter equipment will be invoiced by the municipality once service is available to the property.

Ongoing utility charge 

Once connected, quarterly bills will be issued for all properties on the sewer system. Rates will be approved by the Public Utilities Board and billing will be based on standard City of Winnipeg rates calculated using the volume of water going through your water meter. In 2021, a quarterly bill using 20 Cubic Meters of water will be charged $154.22. A quarterly bill using 40 Cubic Meters of water will be charged $224.62.
Wastewater Utility Bill Example:

   20 Cu M   40 Cu M 
 Sewer Usage 3.52/Cu M  70.40  140.80 
 Quarterly Service Charge  20.57   20.57 
 Participation Fee  63.25   63.25 
 Quarterly Sewer Charges  $154.22   $224.62