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Utilities are billed quarterly:
January 1 – March 31(Billed First week of April, Due Last working day in April)
April 1 – June 30(Billed First week of July, Due Last working day in July)
July 1 – September 30(Billed First week of October, Due Last working day in October)
October 1 – December 31(Billed First week of January, Due Last working day in January)

Utility receipts will only be issued upon request or if a balance is outstanding on the account.
Office Hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm.
Penalty of 1.25% will be added on the first day of each month that you are in arrears.  All outstanding utility balances are transferred to the tax account at December 31 of each year.
The effective date for payments made to the RM of West St. Paul will be the actual day of receipt by the RM of West St. Paul. To avoid late fees, mail in a postdated cheque and allow ample time for the payment to reach the Municipal Office or allow 4 to 5 business days for online payments to be processed by your financial institution and the RM of West St. Paul’s financial institution.
For your convenience, there is a dropbox located at the entrance of the Municipal Office for those who are unable to attend during office hours.

If the property you own is connected to either sewer or water, and will have renters in it who require a direct utility billing in their name the RM MUST have a rental form completed and submitted into the RM within 5 business days of possession date in or out in order to process. The form must be completed by the property owner and the RM is unable to make any changes to the utility account unless notice in writing is submitted from the property owner on title. Non-timely submission of tenant move in or out may not have adjustments made to the account. Please complete rental form below and email into or deliver to the RM office at 3550 Main Street in West St. Paul each time there is a move in or out. 

Property owners will be responsible for all days in between a tenant in and out of the property, and unpaid utility invoices should tenant(s) not pay their utility invoices consistently and in a timely manner will be transferred to the tax roll near the end of each year where it will continue to accrue interest. 
What is PUPPS?
The Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan Service (PUPPS) is a plan which allows utility rate payers to pay their quarterly utility bills through direct deposit from their financial institution.
How does PUPPS work?
You will continue to receive your quarterly utility bills in the mail. Your utility bill will indicate the amount due and that it is a "Pre-authorized Payment". The payment withdrawn from your bank account will be for the full amount shown on your bill.
Payment will be withdrawn on the due date. It is the responsibility of the payee to ensure funds are available for withdrawal for the full amount due each quarter. It is important to note that 3rd quarter billing (July 1 - September 30) typically has higher consumption for those whose taps are metering outside water use.
How do I apply for PUPPS?
Complete the PUPPS authorization form below. We require one application per property. Return the application form with a "VOID" cheque. Once we have received your application you will be mailed notification of the approval.

Click below to learn more about the PUPPS program.
The RM of West St. Paul has the following methods for paying utility bills:
  1. AT THE MUNICIPAL OFFICE – 3550 Main Street, West St. Paul, MB
  2. BY MAIL - RM of West St. Paul, 3550 Main Street, West St. Paul, MB R4A 5A3
  3. ONLINE - Set up a payment option for utility bills with your financial institution or TelPay, using your Utility Account number.
  4. PRE-AUTHORIZED UTILITY PAYMENT PROGRAM SERVICE (PUPPS) - This option allows account holders to have automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts. For more information on enrollment please click here.
  5. INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS - Payments can be made either by coming into the Municipal Office, by mailing in postdated cheques or through online banking, payments will be credited to the utility account.
Cash, cheque or interact are accepted. Please make cheques payable to RM of West St. Paul and be sure to write the Account number on the cheque or present the utility statement when making your payment to ensure that payment is applied to the correct account. 

Please note that many debit cards have daily limits on them so verify with your financial institution before coming to the Municipal Office to make your payment.  Credit cards are not accepted.
NOTE: Please ensure you allow ample time for your online payment to reach the RM of West St. Paul’s financial institution. A good guideline to follow is 5 business days for processing by your financial institution and the RM of West St Paul’s financial institution.
Each financial institution has two separate accounts for TAXES and UTILITIES.  A customer can set up bill payments through the following institutions:


CIBC – West St. Paul (RM) Utility

Scotia Bank – Rural Municipality of West St Paul  – Utilities

RBC – RM of West St. Paul Utilities (no zeros in front of Acct #)

BMO – RM of West St Paul Utilities

TD Canada Trust – West St. Paul (RM of) Utilities (Account # format 0012340010)

Telpay – West St Paul (RM) UTIL

Please allow 4-5 business days for this payment to be processed by both your financial institution and ours.
All outstanding utility balances are transferred to the tax account as at December 31st of each year.
Penalties of 1.25% will be added on the first day of every month that you are in arrears.
Get an email consent form below. Please send completed forms to
Please contact the Public Works Utility Department at 204-334-0092 or to provide the 9 digit Initial/final utility reading and up to date contact information to ensure final utility billings are issued and new utility accounts are setup in the correct owners. For help on how to read your water meter please see ‘How do I read my meter?’ section below, or contact the utility department for help. The RM requires all changeover information submitted within 5 business days of possession to guarantee accurate final billing. Late submission of a changeover may not have adjustments made to the utility account.
The RM requires a forwarding address for all residents moving out in order to send the final utility billing to and ensure it’s received in a timely manner.
Please report any concerns or questions about your water meter into the RM of West St. Paul.

Reminder that all water meters are the property of the RM of West St. Paul. For service/inquiries please call 204-334-0092. The water meter in your home is not permitted to be removed, By-Passed or Tampered with in any way by anyone other than RM Utility staff in the case of an emergency/special circumstance if required. Non-compliance will be subject to fines as per the utility by-laws: Sewer Rate By-Law 2019-06 and Water Rate By-Law 2018-02. The RM appreciates your co-operation in this matter.

Contact the RM Utility Department to discuss plumbing work or renovations that may effect the water meter or its placement.
Remember – meters should never be removed, by-passed or moved within the home.  Meter tampering is subject to a minimum charge of $500. For more information see sections 3 and 8 of Sewer Rate By-Law 2019-06, which can be found here.
Contact the Public Works Department during business hours at 204-334-0092. To contact the Public Works Department after hours please click here to enter a Request for Service.