Yoga with Kathleen

  The RM of West St. Paul is pleased to offer this video to keep your body moving while you spend time at home!  Remember to wear proper attire, modify the activities to meet your own personal fitness levels and drink lots of water.  Before participating take the ParQ+ fitness assessment - complete this form at least once a year to ensure that you are prepared for physical activity!

Disclaimer: By watching and participating in this video, you hereby release the R.M. of West St. Paul and its agents from any and all liability for any injury sustained, regardless of how caused, resulting from participation.  You further agree to indemnify and save harmless the R.M. of West St. Paul and its staff and agents from any and all suits, demands, torts, and actions of any kind which may be brought against its staff or agents for which it / they may become liable by reason of injury, loss, damage or death resulting from, or occasioned to, or suffered by any person or any property, by reason of any act, neglect, or default of mine.
Video #3 - posted April 9, 2021

Video #2 - posted February 22, 2021
Video #1 - posted February 8, 2021