West St. Paul MINI & U9-U18 Soccer Registration Information

West St. Paul MINI & U9-U18 Soccer Registration - 2020
ONLINE REGISTRATION and PAYMENT option for Mini Soccer and U9-U18 Soccer 
West St. Paul Mini Soccer
Mini Soccer runs in May & June
U5 & U6 - Games will be held at Centennial Park in West St. Paul 
U7 & U8 - Games will be held at the Sunova Centre, Red River C.C. or Ecole Riviere Rouge

 Age Group Days of Play  Registration Fee  Administration Fee Total Fee 
U5 (Y.O.B. 2016/2015)  Tuesdays/Thursdays - 6pm $65.00 $15.00  $80.00
 U6 (Y.O.B 2014)  Mondays/Wednesdays - 6pm $65.00 $15.00  $80.00
 U7 (Y.O.B 2013)  Tuesdays/Thursdays - 7:15pm $75.00 $15.00  $90.00
 U8 (Y.O.B. 2012) **Tuesdays/Thursdays** - 7:15pm $75.00 $15.00  $90.00
  **Changed from Mondays/Wednesdays**       
Deadline to Register for MINI Soccer - Monday March 16th
Registrations submitted after March 16th, 2020 will be charged an additional $20.00/Player LATE FEE 

West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer
2011 U9 Tuesdays/Thursdays &/or Sundays $160.00 $15.00 $175.00
2010 U10 Mondays/Wednesdays &/or Fridays $160.00 $15.00 $175.00
2009 U11 Tuesdays/Thursdays &/or Sundays $165.00 $15.00 $180.00
2008 U12  Mondays/Wednesdays &/or Fridays $165.00 $15.00 $180.00
2007 U13 Tuesdays/Thursdays &/or Sundays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00
2006 U14  Mondays/Wednesdays &/or Fridays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00
2005 U15 Tuesdays/Thursdays &/or Sundays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00
2004 U16  Mondays/Wednesdays &/or Fridays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00
2003 U17 Tuesdays/Thursdays &/or Sundays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00
2002 U18  Mondays/Wednesdays &/or Fridays $195.00 $15.00 $210.00

Deadline to Register for U9-U18 Soccer - Friday March 13th
Registrations submitted after March 13th, 2020 will be charged an additional $20.00/Player LATE FEE and are subject to the FC Northwest Soccer LATE REGISTRATION PROCESS 
Visit the FC Northwest Website for more information. If the registration is submitted after the Registration Deadline your child will be placed on a team within the FC Northwest Soccer District that can accept another player.  There is absolutely NO guarantee what team your child will be placed on.  Requests are very difficult to process when a player is late and are most often not met
Contact the Sunova Centre - West St. Paul’s Recreation Site
Phone: 204-336-0294

NOTE: For Sports Registrations specifically individuals must sign up at the Community Centre within their specific catchment area.  You must be a RESIDENT of West St. Paul to complete the registration with West St. Paul.  If you register with West St. Paul and do not live within the RM of West St. Paul catchment area your child would be considered an illegal player.  Player Transfers to specific West St. Paul Teams will be considered by FC Northwest Soccer, but players must sign-up with their home Community Centre's first.