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Texas Hold'em Tournament

 Texas Hold’em Tournament Rules

A)      Entry Fee = $60.00   Chips Received = 10,000
a.       White = 100 – (100 x 10 = 1,000)
b.       Red = 200 – (200 x 10 = 2,000)
c.       Blue = 1,000 – (1,000 x 7 = 7,000)
d.       Green = 5,000 – (5,000 x 0 = 0)
e.       Black = 10,000 – (10,000 x 0 = 0)

B)      Tickets will be presold to participants for $60.00.  Tickets can be purchased from members of the West St Paul Fire Department. Ticket Sales will begin on November 15th and will go until the date of the event or until all tickets are sold.  If a pre-registered entrant does not show up before 7:35pm, the open spot may be sold to someone who does not have a ticket.  A waiting list will be established at the event for people who would like to play, but do not have a ticket.  The players will present the ticket when they arrive, at which time, they will receive the 10,000 in chips.  There are No Refunds available to pre-registrants.

C)      Prize pool will consist of the following:
-          70% of the initial "buy ins”
-          50% of all "re-buys” and "add ons”.

Main Event Prize Payout Schedule:

                i.      First person to rebuy will receive a $50 gift card. 
               ii.      1st place = 30% of the Prize pool
              iii.      2nd place = 20% of the prize pool
               iv.      3rd place = 10% of the Prize pool
                v.      4th place = 7% of the prize pool
               vi.      5th place = 5.5% of the Prize pool
              vii.      6th place = 4.5% of the prize pool
             viii.      7th place = 3.5% of the Prize pool
               ix.      8th place = 3% of the prize pool
                x.      9th place = 2.5% of the prize pool
               xi.      10th place = 2.5% of the prize pool
              xii.      11th place = 2% of the prize pool
             xiii.      12th place = 2% of the prize pool
              xiv.      13th place = 1.5% of the prize pool
               xv.      14th place = 1.5% of the prize pool
              xvi.      15th place = 1.5% of the prize pool
             xvii.      16th place = 1% of the prize pool
            xviii.      17th place = 1% of the prize pool
              xix.      18th place = 1% of the prize pool

** Order of finish is determined by reverse order of elimination (last to first)

D)       There are no limits on the raises
a.       All raises must be made in 1 motion (Fold, Call or Raise – Not "Call and Raise”)
                         i.      If there is a dispute regarding a Fold, Check, Call or Raise, the dealer will decide what the player’s intent was and make the final ruling.  All decisions are final.
b.       Minimum raise or re-raise is equal to the big blind

E)       Blind schedule is attached

F)       Re-buys will be allowed until 9:30pm.  Cost is $60 and you receive 10,000 in chips.  Re-buys can be purchased by getting the attention of the Tournament Chair
a.       50% of the re-buy goes into the prize pool to be paid out
b.       At 9:30pm, each player, still in the tournament, will have the option of an "Add On”
i.      Players must have chips to be eligible for the "Add-On”
  ii.      Cost is $30 and they receive 10,000 in chips
                         iii.      Add On must be taken by 10:00pm
c.       There is a Maximum of 3 total Re-Buys and/or Add-On per player
G)     If lower valued chips are eliminated (due to them not being needed in the blind structure anymore), and there is an odd value of chips, the value will be rounded up to the next denomination of chip being used (regardless of how many chips the player has).

H)     If there is a split pot with an uneven amounts of chips, the extra chip will go to the first player to the left of the dealers button.
       a.       If multiple players are involved in an "All In” hand, side pots will be setup.  This will allow the betting to continue and ensure that players only win the values that they are entitled to. 

I)     A player is eliminated once they lose all their chips and is unable or unwilling to re-buy
       a.       All players that are eliminated from the main event before 11:00 are eligible to enter the consolation event
       b.       Consolation events will begin at 11:00
                        i.      Entry fee = $40  Chips Received = 6,500
                        ii.      All main event rules apply to the consolation event
                        iii.      There are no "Re-buys” for the consolation event
                        iv.      Consolation event prize payout schedule:

1.       1st place = 50% of the prize pool
2.       2nd place = 30% of the prize pool
3.       3rd place = 20% of the prize pool

J)        If 2 players are eliminated at the same time, the player with the most chips at the beginning  of the hand will finish in a higher position
a.       If the 2 players had the same value of chips at the beginning of the hand, they will share the prize equally

K)      Players will have a maximum of 1 minute to act (Fold, Call, or Raise)

L)       If a card is accidentally flipped upright by the dealer, while they are distributing the cards, that card will be shown to everyone and it will be used as the 1st "burn card”.  If a second card is flipped, it will result in a misdeal and the cards will be collected and the dealer will start again.

M)    If a player needs change, the dealer will count out and exchange the chips with another player at the table.

N)     Players may leave the table at any time, but their hand will be "mucked” by the dealer if they are not present to act when it is their turn.  If the player is in one of the blind positions, the blinds will be posted and hands will be folded until they return.  There is no limit on the length of time that a player may be absent from the table. 

O)     There is to be no communication between players and spectators during a hand.  Spectators in violation of this rule, may be asked to leave the playing area.

P)      English is the designated language for the tournament

Q)     Verbal or Physical Abuse of the dealers or other members of the staff will not be tolerated
a.       A player may be asked to leave without refund, if they are in violation

R)      All disputes will be resolved by the Tournament Chair.  All decisions are final.

Blind Schedule

7:30 - 100/200

7:45 - 200/400

8:00 - 300/600

8:15 - 400/800

8:30 - 500/1,000

8:45 - 600/1,200

9:00 – 700/1,400

9:15 - 800/1,600

9:30 – 10:15 – BREAK

10:15 - 1,000/2,000

10:30 - 2,000/4,000

10:45 - 3,000/6,000

11:00 - 4,000/8,000

11:15 - 5,000/10,000

11:30 - 10,000/20,000

11:45 – 15,000/30,000

12:00 – 12:15 - BREAK

12:15 - 20,000/40,000

12:30 - 30,000/60,000

12:45 - 40,000/80,000

1:00 - 50,000/100,000

1:15 - 60,000/120,000

1:30 - 70,000/140,000

1:45 - 80,000/160,000

2:00 - 90,000/180,000

2:15 – 100,000/200,000

2:30 – 200,000/400,000

Blind Schedule

(Consolation Event) 

11:00 - 100/200

11:15 - 200/400

11:30 - 300/600

11:45 - 400/800

12:00 - 500/1,000

12:15 - 1,000/2,000

12:30 - 2,000/4,000

12:45 - 5,000/10,000

1:00 - 10,000/20,000

1:15 - 20,000/40,000

1:30 - 40,000/80,000

1:45 - 80,000/160,000