Don’t forget about Earth Day - April 22nd


Don’t forget about Earth Day - April 22nd 🌎🌲⛅🌿🐳🌾
Did you know that April 22nd, 2020 is Earth Day’s 50th anniversary? 
Earth Day is all about celebrating our beautiful planet and learning ways to actively take care of it.  
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, organizing a group community clean-up will not be able to occur. 
However, you can still do your part alone or with your immediate family!
Help clean up the planet by spending time picking up the litter that is outside around your own home. 
Encourage your friends and family members to do the same!  Every little bit helps.  

Do you go on a daily walk or jog?  Consider picking up litter during your outing.  Did you know that if you do this, you are actually "plogging”?!  Plogging represents any form of outside exercise where you collect litter.  Originating in Sweden, it combines the activities of running or walking with bending, squatting and stretching to pick up litter – creating an activity that not only benefits your health, but also the environment!

During the cleanup ensure that you wear some form of gloves for protection.  Additionally, using tongs or another type of pickup device can help create further separation between you and the litter.  Remember to never touch the litter directly or your face during your cleanup.  Only pick up litter that is safe to handle and can be easily disposed of or recycled.
Click HERE to download Earth Day Crossword Puzzles!  Please print & enjoy!

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   Please remember to continue Social Distancing when participating in outdoor activities!  All Manitobans are reminded to maintain a two metre distance between themselves and other members of the public when they are in public