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Reminder – don’t push snow off driveways onto roadways

Posted: January 25, 2019


Reminder – don’t push snow off driveways onto roadways


The RM of West St. Paul would like to remind residents that pushing or blowing snow onto a highway or roadway is dangerous and illegal in the Province of Manitoba.


Section 217 (2) of the Highway Traffic Act says:


"A person who drops, throws or deposits upon a highway any substance or thing likely to injure a person, animal, or vehicle shall immediately remove it or cause it to be removed.”


Snow or other debris placed on a roadway or the shoulders of a roadway can create hazards for those travelling along the roadway, whether by vehicle or other means and can result in damage or injuries.


As well, it can contribute to the formation of snowdrifts.


We ask that when clearing your driveway do not put the snow onto the roadway in front of your property.


The RM of West St. Paul has contacted more than 60 residents this winter to inform them they are in contravention of the Highway Traffic Act due to snow placed on the roadway.


The RM is asking for home owner cooperation to make our roads safer, however will take whatever action is necessary to enforce the Highway Traffic Act.


Additionally, the RM asks residents when clearing snow to refrain from dumping it near culvert openings. Frozen snow in culverts can create problems for the Public Works Department during spring thaw.