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Ombudsman satisfied with RM actions on development agreements, LIDs

Posted: September 18, 2018


Ombudsman satisfied with RM actions on development agreements, LIDs


Manitoba’s Ombudsman recently investigated two complaints filed against the RM of West St. Paul this year, and in both cases found no need to issue recommendations to the municipality.



1.     One complainant alleged RM council did not approve by resolution 30 development agreements between October 2014 and October 2017.


In the process of reviewing the complaint, the Manitoba Ombudsman reviewed an array of information and documents, including the Development Agreements signed during this period of time and the corresponding Council Resolutions requiring each applicant to enter into development agreements with the Rural Municipality.  The Manitoba Ombudsman confirmed that based on all of this information, it


"was satisfied that the RM followed a consistent practice for development agreement approval over the relevant period.”  


2.     A second complaint was concerned that the RM did not inform residents in the Main Street and Balderstone Local Improvement Districts (LID) of the plans and costs of the local improvements until after construction on the projects was complete. The complainants were concerned the RM did not tender the construction work and council did not pass a resolution to approve project spending.


In conclusion, the Manitoba Ombudsman said it was


"satisfied that these were exceptional situations…” ”As such we find there is no need to issue any recommendations or suggestions to the RM as a result of these complaints”


In regards to tendering and project spending, the Manitoba Ombudsman specifically stated that,


"we are satisfied that the construction work for the sewer system was tendered and council passed resolutions and a by-law to approve project spending.”


The RM’s legal council, Thompson, Dorfman and Sweatman, reviewed the Ombudsman files and confirmed no further action was required, as the Ombudsman was satisfied with the RM’s actions. 


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