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New rescue vehicle improves West St. Paul Fire Department today and in future

Posted: February 14, 2018

 Members of West St. Paul Fire Department and Mayor, Council and administration with the department's new rescue vehicle. 

New rescue vehicle improves West St. Paul Fire Department today and in future


On Tuesday, Feb. 13, West St. Paul Fire Department unveiled its new rescue vehicle, custom built for the department by Acres Emergency Vehicles.

The rescue vehicle will improve what the department can do today and in the future.

"It’s built and designed not only with what the West St. Paul Fire Department is doing today in mind, but it’s going to give us the capability to expand services and carry additional equipment that we weren’t able to in the past,” said Fire Chief Ryan Yackel.

"Our previous apparatus was built in 1994 so it had run its time. With it, we were limited in the services we could provide based on the fact we couldn’t carry any more equipment on it, we were just maxed out for space.”

Mayor Bruce Henley said West St. Paul has a very well trained, professional Fire Department and, as a former member of the Fire Department, Henley knows how important it is to have the proper equipment.

"Our Firefighters do a great job and mayor and council have worked hard to ensure our community has modern firefighting capabilities. The Fire Department built a strong case for council to consider and as such we approved the new apparatus. It was a good business decision,” Henley said.

"Firefighting is so much more than firefighting these days and by having a truck that can carry specialized equipment and assist the department in the varied things they do in their job is very important.”

The new rescue vehicle will carry the department’s vehicle extrication, water rescue and firefighting equipment and can transport two members in the cab and six others in the passenger compartment.

Yackel said with the new vehicle they will be able to carry more specialized equipment, such as low angle or confined space rescue. All require specialized equipment and in the past the department couldn’t purchase it because there simply wasn’t room on the truck.

The truck was custom designed by a committee of West St. Paul Firefighters and the team at Acres Emergency Vehicles to meet the department’s demands.