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Illegal garbage dumping a concern in West St. Paul

Posted: December 19, 2017


Illegal garbage dumping a concern in West St. Paul

The illegal dumping of garbage is a concern to West St. Paul council and administration and we’re asking residents to help with identifying the guilty parties.

In the past week there were at least two occurrences of garbage dumped in the RM; in once instance a large load of garbage was dumped in the middle of Grassmere Road, west of McPhillips.

This was a dangerous situation as vehicle traffic could have struck the garbage causing damage to the vehicle or worse, an accident in which people were injured.

Last weekend another culprit dumped a load of garbage in the Whistler Hollow subdivision on vacant land.

This activity is illegal and troubling to council and residents of our community.

If you see someone dumping garbage illegally, please call RCMP. The number to call is 204-667-6519

Also, if possible, get a description of the person or persons, vehicle and a licence plate. Only call 911 in an emergency situation.