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Theft from vehicles, buildings on the rise in West St. Paul

Posted: July 27, 2017


Theft from vehicles, buildings on the rise in West St. Paul

Homeowners advised to lock vehicles and homes to deter criminals


RCMP from East St. Paul are advising West St. Paul residents to take precautions to lock and secure their vehicles and homes in the wake of an increase in theft from both.

East St. Paul RCMP liaison Cst. Keisha Street said vehicle entry and theft in the area appears to be on the rise. Thieves have been targeting the Rivercrest and River Springs areas, but Street warns these types of break-ins can occur anywhere and all residents should take precautions.

Unlocked vehicles are being rummaged through with thieves looking for valuables, anything from spare change to more substantial property that can be pawned off for cash. If you see any suspicious activity, please call RCMP.


East St. Paul RCMP 24-hour phone number – 204-668-8322

In emergency situations, call 911


West St. Paul Citizens on Patrol Program Coordinator Detlef Hindemith said there are numerous things residents can do to deter criminals. People should always lock their doors to their vehicles and their homes and all other buildings on their property.

Avoid leaving keys in vehicles and keep your valuables out of plain site or take them with you. 

Hindemith said even if you are at home, your vehicles and homes should be locked. He also said if you are working in your yard, do not leave your garage door open. This allows criminals who may be scoping out the area to see what is in your garage and entice them to brazenly steal items while you are out of sight in your yard or return at a later date to break in then.

Once criminals realize that vehicles and homes in a neighbourhood are unlocked, they will keep coming back.

Never leave your garage door openers in a vehicle, as it can give a thief access to your garage or worse, your house. Leave outside lights on to deter criminals. If everyone in the neighbourhood leaves their outside lights on it may convince thieves to move on. Thieves prefer crimes of convenience.

For more crime prevention tips, please visit the COPP link at weststpaul.com