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West St. Paul puts $358,122.74 into Sewer Reserves with second payment from RM of St. Andrews

Posted: July 17, 2017


West St. Paul puts $358,122.74 into Sewer Reserves with second payment from RM of St. Andrews


The RM of West St. Paul has received a second payment from the RM of St. Andrews for use of the Main Street trunk sewer line.

A cheque for $358,122.74 arrived this week. St. Andrews’ first payment was made last year in the amount of $1.1 million, bringing their total payment so far to just under $1.46 million.

The payment will be put into sewer reserves.

The first payment was used to reduce the $4.5 million debenture taken in 2013 for the West St. Paul Wastewater Project. Applying the $1.1 million, along with another $630,000 from reserves, saved West St. Paul ratepayers around $600,000 in interest over the debenture’s 20-year lifespan.

The Main Street line was built to accommodate future development and was designed to serve a portion of St. Andrews and as a result of this regional project St. Andrews will pay just under $2.4 million, including interest, for use of the line.

Mayor Bruce Henley said the RM has done a terrific job of being fiscally responsible while bringing an extremely important environmental project to the municipality. Having sewer, and water, which is also now being finalized with the construction of a reservoir on Kapelus Drive, improves life in West St. Paul.

"Bringing sewer and water to our municipality has been a big step. It’s made West St. Paul an attractive place for people to live, and now with development along Kapelus, we’re seeing it’s where people want to do business from,” Henley said.

"Both projects have been done as efficiently as possible, and we’ve taken advantage of Federal and Provincial dollars whenever possible. I’m proud of council and administration for a job well done, and of the people of West St. Paul, who’ve supported these efforts.”