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Municipal Council
The political structure of RM of West St Paul consists of the Head of Council (Mayor) and four Councillors.

Council Meetings
Council meetings are held in Council Chambers at 3550 Main Street. Council will meet the 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm. The 2nd Thursday of the month will be reserved for planning matters.

RM of West St Paul Council
Cheryl Christian - Mayor
Phone: 204-338-4339
E-mail: mayorcheryl@weststpaul.com
Eleanor Link - Councillor Ward 1
Phone: 204-996-5426
E-mail: eleanor@1045.ca

Giorgio Busceti - Councillor Ward 2
Phone: 204-228-4216
E-mail: giorgioward2@gmail.com

Dorothy Kleiber - Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ward 3
Phone: 204-334-9506
E-mail: klybr1@gmail.com

Stan Parag - Councillor Ward 4
Phone: 204-803-0389
E-mail: stanparag@gmail.com