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Bruce Henley
West St. Paul Mayor
Bruce and Shauna, along with their children Justin, Trevor and Kyle, have called West St. Paul home since 1995. It’s a great place to live and raise a family and their boys have enjoyed attending school here and participating in West St. Paul recreation programs.
Elected to council in 2002 and mayor in 2010, Bruce has demonstrated a logical, common sense approach to issues that have arisen in the community and he’s taken great pride in being able to effectively and professionally communicate the business of the municipality to the people he represents.
This skill set has allowed West St. Paul council to have a strong network of contacts locally, regionally provincially and federally that have enabled West St. Paul to become one of the most desired communities in Manitoba to reside in and invest in. In addition to being a skilled and respected negotiator, capable of interpreting and explaining complicated documents and legislation, Bruce has demonstrated strong leadership that has led to a better West St. Paul for both residents and businesses.
West St. Paul has much to offer and Bruce knows that if he works with the community and continues to listen to people’s suggestions and is open to public input, he can lead a council that will work towards a strategic and focused plan that will make West St. Paul the community of choice in Manitoba.
Bruce’s employment history has been very beneficial to him in his position as your mayor. He has more than 25 years experience in management of sales territories and large projects; he’s dealt with planning matters and land development and established a strong knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Bruce has knowledge of rental equipment, contract negotiations, human resources, manpower allocations and collective agreements.
Bruce is a self-starter who believes in working hard to achieve success. He’s a team player who knows that cooperation and respect go a long way towards realizing your goals. As your mayor, he’s earned the respect of not just his municipal partners in West St. Paul, but also those in surrounding communities, in provincial government and at the federal level. This team mentality has benefitted our community and brought many important projects to a successful conclusion.
During his time as a member of West St. Paul council and as mayor for the last four years, Bruce has learned the intricacies of legislation and governance, and he’s gained valuable experience working with emergency services like police, fire and EMS personnel – he has a proven track record for working well with all these groups and will continue to grow those relationships as he leads the community over the next four years.
Bruce believes that to be a good leader you have to be involved in the community and he relishes any chance he gets to participate in celebrations like Canada Day and the Canada Day Fire Department annual fundraising social. He believes in the COPP program not only as your mayor but as a citizen of West St. Paul. He’s a strong supporter of the West St. Paul Lions Club and commends the members, who are a great group of volunteers that put so much back into our community. Bruce is always willing to lend a hand, donate a prize or solicit others to make a volunteer contribution to any worthwhile community cause that needs support. He’s a huge believer in youth and education and takes part as a volunteer guest reader for I Love To Read at West St. Paul School every year. He also accepts any request to participate in activities at The Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg and the Sisters of St. Benedict Monastery and Retreat Centre.
Bruce prides himself on being West St. Paul’s strongest voice. If you’ve been to a council meeting, presentation or public hearing you know that Bruce represents himself and our community in a respectful way. He has a firm, but fair, manner and is committed to following the rules of governance and legislation. He believes wholeheartedly that everyone must be treated fairly.
Bruce has proven that he has what it takes to lead our municipality. He’ll continue to be approachable, look for common sense solutions and work hard so this great place we all call home will have an even brighter future.