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Welcome to West St Paul. Are you planning to move to West St Paul? On this page you can find information to search for an existing home or links to policies and by-laws that can assist you in planning the construction of your new home.
About West St Paul
Adjacent to the capital city of Winnipeg, West St.Paul offers its residents proximity to many services and products, yet a comfortable and less hectic lifestyle in a country setting. The municipality itself offers a basic range of services that meet the needs of its residents. The municipality has its own fire department and first responder unit.  Ambulance services are also located in the municipality.   Policing is from the East St. Paul detachment of RCMP. West St. Paul also boasts a kindergarten to grade eight school, and a nursery school in its boundaries. The municipality offers a wealth of parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities and community centres, important for existing and new families moving in the area.

The Middlechurch Personal Care Home is the most prominent employer in the municipality, employing a number of local residents. The municipality also boasts four garden nurseries, which provide gardening advice to green-thumbs and serious gardeners in the community and also in Winnipeg. West St.Paul is constantly growing with more families moving from Winnipeg out to the subdivisions of Rivercrest, River Springs Estate, River's Edge and Middlechurch.  The population of West St. Paul, based on the 2016 Census, is 5,368.

Major Attractions

West St.Paul has a very strong cultural and recreational backbone, evident by the our newly constructed community centre, numerous parks and sports venues in its boundaries.

Rivercrest Municipal Park provides a fun playground for children, and a picnic area. The Riverdale Municipal Park also has a playground and tennis court for all tennis lovers. The municipality also has its own curling club that boasts four ice sheets, and six baseball diamonds. The Perimeter Driving Range calls all golfers to practice their swings at its facilities. The municipality also boasts the Royal Manitoba Yacht Club and Marina, and another boat launch just south on the Perimeter Highway and Provincial Trunk Highway 9.