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Event Name: Sunova Pickleball 2.0
Description: Pickleball at the Sunova Centre Please be advised that for Tuesdays/Thursdays we will only be charging a $2.00/Player Drop-In Fee opposed to the $15.00/Month Fee originally outlined due to the number of dates Pickleball cannot run over these 2 months • 9:45am-5pm - Tuesdays: o May 7th o May 14th o May 21st o May 28th o June 4th o June 11th o June 18th o No PBall: June 25th • 9:45am-5pm - Thursdays: o May 2nd o May 16th o May 30th o June 6th – Noon-5pm o June 13th o June 20th o No PBall: May 9th, May 23rd, June 27th Wednesday evening Pickleball will also begin again this week: • 5-9pm - Wednesdays: o May 1st o May 8th – Take nets down please o May 15th o May 22nd – Take nets down please o May 29th o June 5th – Take nets down please o June 12th o June 19th o No PBall: June 26th On Wednesdays during the winter a group of Badminton Players would often come play on 1 court at around 8pm. But it looks like the majority of them may be busy coaching their children in Spring Sports – there is a good chance they will not be attending in May and June. On most Wednesdays the Nets do not have to be taken down after Pickleball (except for the 3 dates highlighted above) – please just move them to the side for Nursery School to have their run in the Gym in the AM. The $2.00/Player Drop-In Fee will be collected to attend Wednesday evening Pickleball as well
Start: May 22, 2019     5:00:00 PM
End: May 22, 2019    9:00:00 PM